Hedge Trimming in London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Hedge trimming and pruning can be hard work. It requires time, the correct tools and a surprising amount of skill to do correctly. A well maintaining, established hedge provides a smart boundary to any garden or property.

If you have a new hedge it will require formative pruning for the first couple of years to encourage development and shape, thereafter throughout the spring and summer a couple of maintenance trims should be carried out.

Hedge Trimming, Hedge Pruning & Hedge Cutting

Hedge trimming is an art and needs a keen eye and the right equipment. At B & N Tree Care our skilled tree specialists can advise on the best plants to use, ensuring you achieve the desired effect and coverage and can shape, trim and reshape your existing hedges, giving the best flowering results and maximising the potential of the hedge.

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Hedge Trimming

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Many thanks, the excellent work from Adam, Ken and Dimetri on the Court trees is to be commended.

A first class job.


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