Tree Consultancy in Hemel Hempstead, Watford and North West London

Do you have a tree that’s not looking its best? Perhaps it’s been left to grow unchecked and is becoming unruly. Maybe you’re worried about the safety of surrounding property in the event of a storm or perhaps a tree is partially damaged and you’d like to know if it can be saved.

No matter your concern, if you have a tree with a problem it’s time to call B&N Tree Care. We are experts in all things arboreal. We understand every aspect of tree cultivation, how best to prune them, how to inspire healthy growth, when it’s time that a tree should be removed and how to do so safely.

Our team can visit you on site to assess the potential problems with your trees. We make suggestions as to what needs to be done to achieve the effect you are looking for and will provide a quote for any tree surgery you would like us to undertake thereafter.

With B&N Treecare you can expect expert advice developed through over 25 years in the industry. We can provide you with the facts you need and a price that’s fair to help get your tree looking and growing at it’s very best.

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Thank you so much for Adam and his team trimming my conifer tree so nicely.

For the first time after so many years I can say my tree has been trimmed properly. It is so nice to meet people in this day and age who do exactly what they say and make their client happy no matter what.

My sincere thanks to you and your staff. One very happy customer.


B&N Tree Care