Tree Surgery in Markyate, Hertfordshire

This is a very common problem. We were contacted by a private client in Markyate, Hertfordshire to sort a problem with a Cedrus Atlantica (atlas cedar) in her garden.

The tree had been there since she moved in and over the years had grown to the point where there was little light getting through.

She did not want the tree removed but after discussing the problem with us, we advised that we could carry out some tree surgery to reduce the canopy (crown) by approximately 30% to let more light in and improve the growth potential of the other smaller plants and trees in the garden.

Tree Pruning

It was important to prune the tree but also to retain a natural shape.

Our qualified team scaled it safely and was able to remove height from the top, take portions of the lower branches and carefully mulch and remove them from the garden. We took great care as the tree was in close proximity to the neighbour's property.

The job took us 4 hours and the client was delighted with the end result and how tidy her garden was when we left.

The photos show the tree before, during and on completion of the tree surgery.

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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

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Many thanks, the excellent work from Adam, Ken and Dimetri on the Court trees is to be commended.

A first class job.


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